Photos from the Children’s Service, 4/22/18

On Sunday, April 22nd, the children of Winter Park Presbyterian Church led us in a wonderful worship service which told the story of God’s promise to Noah in movement, art, and song.

Both our Children’s Ukulele Choir and Youth Ukulele Choir led songs in worship.  Our children were dressed as many different animals including: rhino, tiger, bear, snake, dog, elephant, panda, fox, cat, dove, and more.  Volunteers from our youth group enacted Noah’s sending of the dove and the sign of promise in the rainbow in beautiful and creative fashion.

Many thanks to Sharon, Rachel, Kris, and all of our children, youth and their parents!

(Ark building and painting was by Rachel’s Boatyard  🙂    )



Winter Park Presbyterian Church is a creative, loving, and inclusive church family located in busy mid-town Wilmington, NC.

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