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022_wppc_headshotsRev. Peden Emile Harley, Pastor

Emile came to Winter Park Presbyterian in the summer of 2007 as the Associate Pastor. He began serving as Pastor of WPPC in July of 2014. Having previously served several summers at Presbyterian summer camps, he is passionate about engaging with children, youth, and adults of all ages in creative and meaningful ways. In his teaching and ministry Emile seeks to discover along with members of our church what it means to live as a disciple of Christ in this time and place through service to others, Biblical study, worship, and fellowship.
In Emile’s office, you will find a curious mix (mess?) of guitar and Greek New Testment, traditional hymnal and contemporary song book, Frisbee and chalice, ancient prayerbook and recreation notebook. He believes that the church is most whole (and most Holy) when many people are invited to bring varied gifts for worship, song, service, fellowship, and fun and do so seeking to love God and neighbor with all their heart, mind, and strength. He strives to call the church to be a place of welcome where all of people are greeted as beloved children of God.
Emile is the grateful husband of Amy Harley and the father of Lydia (age 10), Emma (age 7), and Michael (age 5).
B.A. – Davidson College, 2003
M.Div. – Union Theological Seminary and Presbyterian School of Christian Education, 2007
M.A.C.E. – Union Theological Seminary and Presbyterian School of Christian Education, 2007
email: emile@winterparkpres.org

008_wppc_headshotsRachel Doll, Christian Educator

Rachel Doll has the title of Christian Educator at WPPC, but she is that and so much more. She is a gifted Biblical storyteller – bringing the scriptures alive through the art of storytelling. She is an author, visual artist, songwriter, preacher, teacher, fearless leader of youth and children, compassionate listener, emerging ukulele master, and a kind soul with an engaging sense of humor about this gift that we know as life.

Rachel has a passion for exploring the intersection of faith and justice, and she helps call our church family to love every person as a child of God, created in God’s image. Through art, music, teaching, preaching, storytelling, and much more she invites us to journey with God though faith and life.

Rachel has served other Presbyterian congregations as a Christian Educator. She has served Montreat Youth Conferences in many ways including as Keynote Director. She has a certification in Biblical Storytelling from the Network of Biblical Storytellers, and she has given storytelling concerts. Rachel is a published author. Her most recent book, Beating on the Chest of God: a Faith Journey Though Infertility, honestly and courageously explores the doubt and anger often experienced with infertility.

Rachel shares her gift of preaching regularly at Winter Park, and her sermons are always a highlight of our life together.

Rachel is married to Aaron (our Parish Associate), and they have two daughters, Robyn and Sylvia.

Visit Rachel’s website here: http://www.rachelwhaleydoll.com/

007_wppc_headshotsRev. Sharon Moore, Minister of Music

In her ministry, Sharon invites members of our choirs and our congregation to share faith, wonder, and joy through music. She directs our Chancel Choir (voice), Jubilee Bells (handbells), and Children’s Choir and helps lead our Ukulele Choir and Ukin’ Kids. She works to incorporate the musical gifts of all of our members into our life of worship. Whether you play guitar, drum, clarinet, saxophone, flute, bass, cello, or ukulele, Sharon seeks out a place for you to share your gifts. Sharon draws upon our Presbyterian musical tradition in creative and engaging ways. She challenges us to live out that tradition and expand upon it in ways that invite others in to our life together. She has a heart for the work of justice and mercy, and she seeks to enable us to reflect upon our calling to the practice of loving-kindness through music.
Sharon came to Winter Park in September of 2014. She has an extensive background as a music educator working with children and youth. She previously served Unitarian-Universalist and Methodist churches. She frequently works as an accompanist in theatrical productions.
In addition to directing the choirs, Sharon accompanies our congregation and choirs on piano and organ. Her talent with the clarinet is a gift to our church, and she has taken up the ukulele since her arrival at WPPC.
If music is a passion or interest of yours, please begin a conversation with Sharon!
email: Sharon@winterparkpres.org

005_wppc_headshotsRev. Aaron Doll, Parish Associate

Aaron serves Winter Park Presbyterian Church specifically in the area of Congregational Care.  Aaron serves Winter Park alongside Pearsall Memorial Presbyterian Church and Bethany Presbyterian Church in Wilmington.  He also is an on-call chaplain for New Hanover Regional Medical Center.

Aaron is married to our Christian Educator, Rachel Doll.

Ruth SyreRuth Syre, MSN, RN-BC, Faith Community Nurse

Ruth is introducing Faith Community Nursing to the Congregation of Winter Park Presbyterian.  Coming to us with an extensive background in Faith Community Nursing, Ruth’s volunteer service among us is a tremendous gift both to our church family and the community around us.

When not serving as a Faith Community Nurse, Ruth also plays in our Ukulele Choir and Sings with our Chancel Choir.

Ruth will have office hours at WPPC.  She will also help visit some of our homebound members.

006_wppc_headshotsDorothy Wright, Administrative Assistant

Dorothy Wright has served as Administrative Assistant and Secretary at Winter Park for more than ten years. Beyond her title, she is the bulletin and newsletter publisher, building manager, and point person who keeps all of the rest of the staff pointed in the right direction. She greets church members, preschool parents, and visitors who walk in the door, and she does it all with care and compassion.

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