Mission and Vision Statement

Mission Statement:

Celebrating God’s presence through Jesus Christ, we are a loving, inclusive church community seeking truth, justice and

Vision Statement

Winter Park Presbyterian Church is a vibrant coastal church, who values diversity, and is committed to effectively revealing the ministry of Jesus Christ with the following vision for our future:

  • Education: Providing a quality program through a variety of Christian educational activities, meeting the needs of all ages, so we can be a congregation of disciples and teachers.
  • Fellowship and Church Life: By making meaningful connections with one another, we seek to create a warm, caring and accepting atmosphere enriching each person’s spiritual experience.
  • Service and Stewardship: Challenging our congregation to give of their time and talents, creating sanctuary, caring for each other as well as for the hungry, the lonely and the oppressed in our neighborhood and throughout the world.
  • Outreach and Evangelism: Proclaiming the love of Christ by word and deed, expanding the walls of our church to be more visible throughout our community and world.
  • Worship and Prayer: Seeking to encounter God’s truth through biblical teaching, prayer, music and art while honoring traditions but accepting nontraditional worship experiences, we celebrate God’s abundant gifts of life and grace.

The Mission Statement and Vision Statement were written by the Pastor Nominating Committee after reviewing the thoughts, hopes, dreams, visions, prayers, and ideas shared at the August 24th, 2013 Congregational Retreat. The statements were adopted by the Session on November 6th, 2013.

WPPC Group Photo 2017 cropped for web

View of Winter Park Presbyterian Church
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