WPPC is Seeking and Assistant for Congregational Care


Winter Park Presbyterian Church is seeking an Assistant for Congregational Care. This individual would be responsible for assisting the senior pastor with the visitation of home-bound, institutionalized, and hospitalized members, and other members in need of special love and support. She or he will maintain a list of pastoral concerns and will communicate with the pastor and members to coordinate the congregational care ministry of the church. Candidates must have strong interpersonal skills and good organizational skills, and she or he must be comfortable praying with and for members of the church. She or he must be willing to listen to those whom they visit and be alert for opportunities for individuals and groups within the church to provide for specific needs. The Assistant will be broadly responsible for conveying the love and care of the church family to individual members in need.

Both lay and ordained candidates will be considered. Depending on the background and qualifications of the Assistant, they may be encouraged to participate in the worship or teaching leadership of the church as part of their service.

The position is considered part time (16 hours per week), with a salary appropriate to the background and qualifications of the candidate. Start date is to be June 1, 2016.

For further information, please contact Harry Taylor ( ph 910-791-8836 or e-mail Ttaylorh@aol.com).

To be considered for this position, please submit a letter describing your interest and a resume to Harry Taylor: Ttaylorh@aol.com

The initial deadline for consideration is April 30th.


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