Ukulele Choir

Created and led by our very own talented and multi-instrumentalist Ed Beck, our Friday Morning Ukes and Ukulele Choir are a special part of Winter Park Presbyterian’s life. See Music page for schedule of practices.

Friday Morning Ukes: Stop by the Music room on a Friday morning you will find a room full of “parental units” strumming familiar hymns while their happy children play with Monster trucks and stuffed animals.  See Music page for schedule.

Sacred Stories made a video of our uke choir Friday Morning Uke choir practice.  Hear our stories and enjoy the energy of the children playing in the background!

Our Ukulele Choirs travel to share little concerts in Senior Care homes and other places in our community.  It is quite a bit of fun to “strum and serve!”

Each summer we have a “Ukulele Camp.”  The camp is open to the community and is a wonderful way to get to know the Ukulele.  We have separate groups for children, youth, and adults.

Friday Morning Uke Practice
One of the monthly uke choir Sundays
Wilmington Rehab
Our Ukulele Choirs go out into the community to share concerts at Senior Care centers


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