Ukuleles Unite!

On Saturday, April 6th, Winter Park Presbyterian Church presented our 3rd Annual Ukuleles Unite Concert.   Below are a few photos.

Ukuleles Aloft

Ukuleles held aloft at Ukuleles Unite!

Masonboro Parlor

Masonboro Parlor

Line Dance Parlor

Masonboro Parlor led us in a dance.

Karen Callaway and Friends

Karen Callaway and Friends

Unresolved Spring Band

The Unresolved String Band

Parks Song

The WPPC Ukulele Choir sang a song in memory of Jack Parks.  His Ukulele present and wearing a lei.

Uke Choir Unite 2019

WPPC Ukulele Choir in Concert!

See you at Ukulele Choir concert #4 in 2020!!!

Winter Park Presbyterian Church is a creative, loving, and inclusive church family located in busy mid-town Wilmington, NC.

Children’s Sunday – March 31st

Our Children Led a beautiful worship service exploring the Lord’s Prayer on Sunday, March 31st.  Below are a few photos:




WPPC Ukulele Choir

Our Adult Ukulele Choir practices on Sunday evenings at 4:45pm and Friday Mornings at 8:30am.  Come to either practice or both.  (The Sunday practice overlaps with our Children’s Choir.  Children are welcome to come – and do – to our Friday practice.)

The Ukulele Choir shares their gifts in worship about once a month.  They play a mix of music and styles – and have quite a bit of fun doing it.

The Ukulele Choir also performs for fun and for service.  We have a concert coming up:  Concert – Click Here , we regularly play at Senior Adult Homes , and we have even played at a baseball game!

Come strum with our Ukes!  All are welcome!

Ukulele Choir Photo March 2019

Winter Park Presbyterian Church is a creative, loving, and inclusive church family located in busy mid-town Wilmington, NC.

Ukuleles Unite – 2019!

Ukuleles Unite 2019 Web Image

Come to the 2019 “Ukuleles Unite” Concert at Winter Park Presbyterian Church.  This year we will feature performances by Masonboro Parlor, The Unresolved String Band, Karen Callaway and Friends, and WPPC’s Ukulele Choir.

Also, bring your ukulele.  We will have some strum-along-fun at the end of the show!

The concert is at 7pm on Saturday, April 6th.  The concert is free.  (There will be optional donations baskets at the door with all proceeds going to the bands!)

All are welcome.  Come on out!

Girl Scout Sunday @ WPPC

Sunday, March 10th we celebrated Girl Scout Sunday at WPPC!  On Saturday, girls from several troops and churches came to WPPC to participate in a “My Faith, My Promise” workshop.  During Sunday worship, we used some of the liturgy and prayers that the Scouts had written.

Girl Scout Sunday

Many thanks to Rachel, Debbie, Mary, Sue, Johnette, and Maureen for all their work to prepare for the workshop and Girl Scout Sunday.  Many thanks to our Scouts and their leaders for all their wonderful contributions to our community!