wORSHIP cANCELLED – 3/15/20 AND 3/22/20

UPDATE: Our liturgy for at-home worship on Sunday, March 15th can be found here: https://mailchi.mp/3b8f087595f3/wppc-at-home-worship-for-sunday-march-15th

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Dear Friends, 

We are cancelling our worship Service scheduled for this Sunday, March 15th and Sunday, March 22nd as well as all scheduled in-person church gatherings (classes, meetings, practices) for the next two weeks.   The Session met today to make this difficult decision – but they feel that it is a needed decision in light of the spread of COVID-19.

(Please note that Winter Park Presbyterian Preschool will make its own decisions and generally follows New Hanover County Schools.)

Just because we will not gather and worship in person does not mean that we cannot worship together or be church.  Our shared faith in Christ is not and will never be cancelled!

  • Tomorrow you will receive an e-mail with an “at home” worship service.  I would suggest that – if possible – you worship at home on Sunday morning at about 10am.
  • Pastors, Deacons and Elders are making plans to begin regularly calling all the members of our church family.
  • We hope to share devotions by email written by members of our church.  If you want to help write one, please let me know!
  • We are brainstorming ways to continue and adapt all the ministries of our church and continue to care for our church family and serve the world around us.
  • We encourage members of Sunday School classes and other small groups within the church to think of ways to continue their study and ministries at a distance.

At present, church staff plan to be present during normal office hours next week, but please do replace in-person contact with phone calls and e-mail.  We are all available by those means.

God bless and keep you all.  Please do continue to pray for our church family, our community, our nation, and our world. 

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