Friday Morning Ukuleles

Our Adult Ukulele Choir practices twice each week.   Sunday evening, the group meets at 5pm.

DSC00055The Friday morning practice was started to help parents of young children come and participate.

The Friday Morning Ukuleles practice the same pieces of music as the group on Sunday night, but on Friday morning, young children are welcome to come and play with each other and with the toys placed out in the music room.

Often, children are invited to play along on the songs with percussion instruments.

Sacred Stories made a video about our Friday Morning Ukulele Choir 


Not all the Friday morning crowd brings children in tow.  For other adults, Friday morning fits better into a schedule.

Also, Ukuleles are just plain fun.  Come Friday and Sunday if you want to!

The Friday Morning Ukuleles meet on Friday Mornings at 8:30am in the Music Room.


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